Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why you should consider buying handmade beads and jewelry:

1. They are unique. No one is wearing the exact same piece, and very few people will have anything like it.

2. They are made to last. Artisan beads and jewelry are created, annealed, cleaned, and finished by the same person, someone who takes pride in their work and product. You can be confident that the materials are high quality and no important steps have been skipped or overlooked. A handmade bead is a piece of art that will last years with proper care and can be handed down to future generations.

3. You aren’t supporting sweatshops. Both inexpensive knock-off beads and expensive name brand beads are mass-produced in sweatshops. Lampworking is dangerous and proper ventilation set-ups are too expensive to build and run for sweatshops to bother with them. The health of the workers in these factories is endangered.

4. You get a prettier product. Artists take their time and will work with expensive and finicky materials that can’t be used in mass-produced beads. Artists typically make beads and jewelry with extra sparkle and details.

The difference is obvious!

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